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wandering eye wednesday: week twenty-two/2

So, the sun sets later now.  It’s full-on heat wave here.  And I’ve missed you… Did you notice my absence last week? I dunno.  But I know I missed YOU. I felt guilty all week, knowing that last week I completely let Wednesday get away from me. I am going to make it up to you by posting twice today.  Bom Bom Bom. You excited yet?

Hiking with Jones

This little turd is a phenomenal hiker.  And I can say that now, since we’ve officially hiked with other people who think he’s also a great hiker.  We do need to work on his come-back: after he’s run ahead he returns to check on his humans, and it’s sometimes a trip-up.  But aside from that, he stops for other people on the trail, stays close and keeps an eye on his group.  (*side note: got his first pool today, and it was seriously cute)

I’ll be honest, I edited this photo last week for you, and now I’ve forgotten all I did and what I did it with.  I do know I used Photoshop and also the lasso to select Jones to adjust the lighting on him, since he was in shadow in the original.  I vaguely remember trying to get some color back in the sky without success.  It’s kind of lacking color, but I’m a proud fur-mama and I just can’t help but share.

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