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wandering eye wednesday: week twenty/2

Hello, hello! Another Wednesday is upon us, and of course you know the routine by now: been really busy, yada yada, here’s a picture! 


Taken with my iPhone, edited with Snapseed. Do you use Snapseed? It’s my absolute favorite editing app on the phone! With quick little swipes, you can totally transform your pictures and make them pretty incredible. I use it for all my phone picture editing. 

I used the brightening, ambiance, transform and vignette features for this photo of Jones beggingn for a little belly rub love the other night.  I know it’s not going to win any contests, but I love this little punk’s face and I almost ran off to bed without today’s post so… Yea. May. It’s almost over guys! Thanks for your patience with my absence around here. I’m working on it! 

Hope everyone is having a great week and a fantastic month. Back atcha soon!

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