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wandering eye wednesday: week two/3

Golden Gate Bridge

Growing up, I often saw pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge in print or on TV and dreamed of one day visiting.  To walk the length of it, experience the magnificence of it, listen to the wind, the cars, the energy flowing over, under and around it.  Enjoying the bridge is something that pictures can’t fully describe.  This day was chilly and overcast, with a mist of rain that felt like what I imagine walking through a cloud would feel like.  The Golden Gate is something to behold in real life, and if you get an opportunity to spend some time on it, I hope you’ll really pay close attention and treasure it like we did.

I couldn’t help myself with all the symmetry and lines, especially with the way the bridge seemed to change color ever so slightly as time passed. I kept looking around, and especially up, so I could enjoy the vastness of the metal and craftsmanship.  I took so many pictures! This was shot at one of the support pillars. In editing, I lightened just the bridge to highlight the angles and take the glare down a tad from the dull, overcast sky.  I stayed true to the color, not wanting to change the beautiful hue of burnt orange/red.  I’ve never seen the bridge in this way, and it’s one of my favorite pictures from the day.  If I hadn’t told you what it was, would you have guessed this was the famous bridge from San Francisco?

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  • Dylan

    This is definitely a unique perspective on such an iconic structure. The bridge sits in such a beautiful natural setting that it’s hard to not want to capture the bridge and the surroundings. Yet the intricacies of the design are lost in panoramic shots. In your photo, it seems the architects were aware that many would be viewing the bridge up close. Either in traffic, walking, or bicycling across. It is truly the Golden Gate to the Golden State!ReplyCancel

    • azamyw

      Thank you! I totally agree with you-the architect created a work of art. You can see the pride that went into building the bridge and the consideration of its setting for sure.ReplyCancel