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wandering eye wednesday: week thirty-seven

Happy Hump Day! Here are a couple shots from our crazy weekend, taken at Rustlers Roost at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.  I didn’t realize this place would be so full of great photo opportunities, and I didn’t bring the good camera.  As an added bonus, my phone was almost dead when we arrived.  I had to use Joe’s phone, with no good editing apps on it.  First world problems, I know.  At any rate, these are straight from the iPhone, no editing other than cropping, water mark and frame.  I thought it was really cool how the same shot at the same time of day could yield such different results simply by moving the phone into the shadows.  This is taken through a fence hole.  Kind of cool, huh?

Rustlers Roost Fence View

Rustlers Roost Fence View Dark

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