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wandering eye wednesday: WEW 23-25/3

wandering eye wednesday bird silhouette california sunset

Wandering Eye Wednesday | weeks 23-25 | year three

Welcome to a slightly remodeled Wandering Eye Wednesday aka WEW. I fell a little behind at the beginning of this year, and rather than wait until the end of the year to make up for it, I’m gonna play it like I planned this little redesign and get it all squared away now. So for the next few weeks, your new WEW will have a couple photos until we’re all caught up. And the new title will be abbreviated to save some space. Capiche?

Since we’re just back from Ocean Beach (post coming soon!) and I’m missing the coast terribly, we’re going to stick with a beach theme this week.  The above photo was taken while watching the sunset off of Sunset Cliffs. Appropriately named, eh? It was terribly underexposed, and I really couldn’t save it from it’s graininess, but I sort of like that about this shot.  You guys know I love me a silhouette, and I think the clouds and colors of this one are really cool, too. I cropped and leveled the lighting out a bit.

wandering eye wednesday dark sunset point loma

Another dark shot from the same scene.  I liked how all the people where there in the fore and middle ground. The background was gorgeous, too. Again, my settings weren’t prepared for the lighting, but I like the graininess here, too.  I adjusted the exposure in this one a bit more, and brought out the color in the sky.

wandering eye wednesday point loma tide pools

Let’s lighten things up for the finale! I have a lot of shots from the cliffs and tide pools at Point Loma.  I really should have been using a UV filter because of all the light, but they weren’t too bad.  This was one of my “throwaway” shots, because it just isn’t that exciting to me.  So I thought I would play with some of the advanced features on PSE, and adjusted for camera distortion under Filters. I adjusted the natural vignette and then corrected the distortion to the positive.  I wanted to get rid of the dark edges and give the shot more depth than the lens I was shooting with could. I’m still not in love, but I liked experimenting with tools I’m unfamiliar with.

Do you have a favorite? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine! 😉

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