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WEW: 26-28/3

What’s up people?!? It’s that time of week again, where I try and make up for past Wednesday fails by cramming in more than one shot for our Wandering Eye Wednesday post. I can’t seem to get it together for this post each week! Maybe I’ll be more on top of it next year… in the meantime, here are a few shots I captured recently. The first two are from the wedding I told you about, and the last one is from a family get-together over the weekend.

Wandering Eye Wednesday | weeks 26-28 | year three

wandering eye wednesday windmill winery

I took this with the Canon and a 100 mm lens at 2.8. It was edited so long ago, I think I brightened it up a bit and … that’s it? The grounds were very pretty, but the sun was high in the sky so shadows were an issue…

wandering eye wednesday windmill winery rooster

This was taken with almost identical settings, but a slower shutter speed. It was still a little too dark, so I adjusted the exposure.

wandering eye wednesday black and white cat

This was taken with the Canon and it’s stock lens, which I didn’t adjust for color and had to fix by reprocessing the RAW file. I cropped it, too. Otherwise, there wasn’t much to this shot. Isn’t he cute? I have been trying to practice my pet photography, and cats seem much easier than dogs so far!

Well, there you have it! Another week of playing catch up! Who knows? We could be up to speed sometime soon… HA! Until next time!

Editor’s Note: For more photos at Windmill Winery, click here.

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