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WEW 34-35/3

What day is it?!? Wandering Eye Wednesday. Gaw – you’ll find no camels here, people. So it’s Wednesday again. And I’m on a WEW roll, considering my track record this year shows my total lack of a week-after-week run. I have a couple more photos to share from my trip up north last week! Which means I need to get out there soon and take some more snaps to keep up with this trend of sharing weekly. No pressure or anything, right?

Flagstaff Snowbowl Arizona

wandering eye wednesday | week 34-35 | year 3

I just noticed there are cobwebs in the lower portion of this picture… and here we were trekking through all that willy nilly… *shuddddder*. There’s something about getting out in nature, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the wind dance through the trees, that just distracts from everything that would normally stress me out I guess. So for this photo, I adjusted the exposure slightly and brought out some of the detail and highlights.

Flagstaff Snowbowl

I won’t lie, this photo was totally overblown SOO. I didn’t adjust for the light in my manual settings attempt. It’s still slightly overblown, but I like it like that. It was a bright time of day and this is what it looked like when we gazed into the distance. I love how clear the mountains are in the background…

What do you think? What are the pictures you’ve taken lately?

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