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wew 47-49/3

So, Wednesday. Here she is again. And then, before you know it, there she goes… time is FLYING, guys. This year has been something else, and I thought it was dragging, but oy. It’s already the middle-ish of December already. Yowza.

Wandering Eye Wednesday – brace yourself: I’m sharing a few photos from our last camping trip, which shouldn’t be confused with our last camping trip, btw. This week, I decided a three-fer on one subject would be fun. While hiking, I noticed a bit of moss dangling from a nearby tree that caught my eye. I decided to capture said moss at different focal points and oila! Here she be.

Wandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Distance paintedposies.comISO 320 | 40 mm | f/5 edited for color, and scantly for exposure

Wandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Middle Ground paintedposies.comISO 500 | 18 mm | f/3.5 slightly color corrected to reduce red tones, lightened shadows

Wandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Closeup paintedposies.comISO 320 | 40 mm | f/5 color corrected for red tones, highlights reduced

wandering eye wednesday | weeks 47-49 | year 3

If I were to edit more, I’d bring down highlights on the last photo for sure. BUT. This weekly post is all about minimally edited photos, and I love the bokeh so I’m leaving it alone for now. Besides, I am digging the detail!

I’m hoping to bring you our annual Thanksgiving trip details soon, and some WEW posts that absolutely DO NOT  involve a camping trip.  As well as some posts that have a scope beyond sleeping and pooping in the great outdoors. Cheers all around, right? I’m guessing that if I’ve grown tired of camping photos, surely you must have too? More variety to come, I promise!

I hope your December is going well 🙂

Uhm, but wait. I have a favorite, though. What’s yours?


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