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weekends around here

Do you ever feel like weekends are more work than the work-week? I remember as a fresh new adult, when my favorite older co-worker commented that weekends were so much more stressful than working all week, and I couldn’t understand at the time what she meant. BUT. Now I’m a full-fledged, totally in it adult. Our weekends now? They are so busy. Sometimes stressful, it’s true. Usually all good stuff! I see her point now though. It’s A LOT. We are always fully vested in every second of our weekends. And by “we” I mean “me”. Because I’m a busy addict. And Joe loves our couch.

Hello, my name is Amy. I’m addicted to everything happening with everyone everywhere. And I still miss out on things that are equally as important to me! This whole time thing screws me every Saturday and Sunday. We usually find a bit of time to see the quiet in the chaos, though. Here are some of our less hectic moments from this weekend:

The Rogue Tomato

The Rogue Tomato. A girlfriend and I explored a new restaurant for a quick dinner on Friday night. I look forward to going back for a longer experience with Joe.

Garden May Day 2016 paintedposies.comKale Harvest Spring 2016 paintedposies.comTomato Harvest Spring 2016

Gardening. Out of necessity, I worked in the garden and harvested some tomatoes and kale. A little late on the kale, since it required ripping everything out due to a white fly larvae infestation. But the tomatoes are pure sugar!Spring Desert Wildflowers May 2016 paintedposies.comNew Yard Spring 2016

Our home. We’ve been working really hard on our yard the last few weeks. We installed sod, which was Holy Hell. Totally worth it. But hot damn! It makes the yard instantly pretty and has spurred our green thumb inside the house again. Welcome, houseplants! Again, totally worth it. Plus, I found some lanterns on clearance over the weekend, which, seriously. Who doesn’t love clearance scores?!? I’m excited to create an outdoor oasis.Spring Desert paintedposies.comCattle Dog Desert Hiking

Jones. I managed to squeeze in an extra-long walk through the wash with Jones. He is such a trooper, I swear. He puts up with all our busy and our new sod, and doesn’t give us any trouble at all. We are seriously so lucky.

Guard Dog Jones

Our little guard dog fell asleep while “guarding.” Code for I’ll lick your face off if you even come close.

Other weekend endeavors? An impromptu get-together with friends, a track meet for my mentee, family BBQ, quick trip to the shooting range, grocery shopping, chores, month-end at work and run, run, run! I’ll be taking a nap after work today…

Are your weekends as busy?

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