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welcome to the new painted posies!

custom_grid_item_3_1437878102You guys! I’m so excited to share my new website with you! It’s been such a long process, holy mama. Mostly due to my indecisiveness about how I wanted things to look and feel around here. As any true Aquarius should, I waffled between my many creative interests and influences  for months before I finally decided to just pick something/anything already!!

Do you know an Aquarius? They’re affectionately described as “quirky” but anyone who loves one of us knows that we are analytical as all get out, can’t hardly decide the RIGHT way to do anything (I mean, there are so many perspectives and factors, right?) and don’t dare pigeonhole us into any sort of set style or category because we are far too complex for any of that! I mean, come now. Beautiful Ganymede pours water from his bowl to represent Aquarians, and because of the water bearer symbol, most people think we are a water sign. But true to complex Aquarius form, it’s actually an air sign. And now you know why we’re so dang complicated!! And why making choices that represented where I want this space to go took me EIGHT MONTHS.

I finally moved past the creative paralysis by telling myself nothing was set in stone, that I can make tweaks here and there, that I was being pretty ridiculous by not doing anything to make some sort of progress. So, now that you know more than you ever wanted to about Aquarians, and with no further adieu, here she is: the new painted posies. Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or if there are any technical difficulties. I’m sure there will be a few bugs to work out initially, but I think I’ve tested everything properly to see that it works just right. Fingers crossed!




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