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WEW: February 2017

Another month down! How’s your year going so far?? This month is such a short one, and especially when you’re counting it by Wednesdays… I didn’t shoot much in the last few weeks, but I do have a few photos I want to share for WEW: February 2017’s Wandering Eye Wednesday quota 🙂

WEW: February 2017 – SEATTLE

Wandering Eye Wednesday: February 2017 | Chilhuly Glass Garden Seattle

Wandering Eye Wednesday: February 2017 | Space Needle Seattle

The above photos were taken with the iPhone in Seattle because I was too much of a chicken to risk getting the good camera wet >,< Totally regret it, of course. Edited with Snapseed. The top pic is in the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit and the bottom outside the MoPOP.

WEW: February 2017 – SUNSETS

Most of my photography these days is taken with the iPhone. Which stinks, because it’s really not the highest quality picture for the brightest lights and darkest darks. There are a lot of details that get missed because of it, and the snaps aren’t as accurate to their scene as I’d like. But Snapseed helps bring out those facets, which is why I’m smitten!

Wandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Phoenix SunsetWandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Seattle Sunset

These photos were originally shared on my Instagram account. Do you follow along? I think you should!

WEW: February 2017 – GUEST POSTS

February is all about love, yeah? A couple friends showed their love for me by sharing their amazing snaps! The first picture, shot by our friend Jared, is of a gorgeous sunrise over the Phoenix desert. I about died when he sent it to me with permission to use it here:

Wandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Desert Sunset

He knows what a sucker I am for colorful skies and silhouettes, and I LOVE this photo! The next one is from my talented friend, Brandy. We did a photo shoot to collect some head shots for the blog and Painted Posies social media accounts. She got one that I am smitten with, and I can’t stand keeping it to myself any longer!

Wandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Amy of Painted Posies Photography

This was shot with a Canon 70D and edited in PSE for blemishes and sweater bulges. I took some other small liberties but if I told you what, then you’d know – HAHA! Nothing to do with exposure, color or anything like that – this pic arrived perfect in all those important ways! I’ll be updating some of my photos around the web and blog with her work soon, and I am SO super excited to share the rest of Brandy’s work!

Thanks to my AMAZING friends and their incredible talents. I love you guys!

Well, that’s all for WEW: February 2017. Same time, same place next month!

xoxo, amy

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