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WEW Photos

Dedicated to some of our Wandering Eye Wednesday shots – a previously weekly share for random, minimally edited photos. Starting in 2017, photo shares happen monthly. All WEW photos = taken casually, not messed with a whole lot, and presented to you as a means to inspire. Please feel free to share your photos in the comments!

Wandering Eye Wednesday – WEW

WEW April 2017
WEW April 2017WEW April 2017Wandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Phoenix SunsetWandering Eye Wednesday February 2017 | Seattle SunsetWandering Eye Wednesday: February 2017 | Chilhuly Glass Garden SeattleWandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Middle Ground paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Closeup paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday WEW Hanging Moss Distance paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Tree Moss paintedposiesWandering Eye Wednesday Flagstaff Pinetree Floor paintedposiesWandering Eye Wednesday Cliffside Tree Flagstaff Arizona paintedposies
Aspen Loop Trail Flagstaff Arizona paintedposiesALCATRAZ ISLAND AND GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE SAN FRANCISCO WEW paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday black and white cat paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday windmill winery rooster paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday point loma tide pools paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday dark sunset point loma paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday bird silhouette california sunset paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Sunflower paintedposies.comAmerican Flag Wandering Eye Wednesday paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Janet Echelman Phoenix paintedposies.comwandering eye wednesday tempe town lake
Stonehenge Field painteposies.comPier 39 San Francisco paintedposies.comDesert Wash Phoenix Wandering Eye Wednesday paintedposies.comGolden Gate Bridge paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Phoenix Sunset paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday California Succulent paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Hyde Park paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Cattle Dog Mix paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Cloudy Sky Butterfly paintedposies.comParrots Butch and Rio paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday
Skydive Arizona Eloy paintedposies.comWandering Eye Wednesday Ocean Beach July 2015Wandering Eye WednesdayOcean Beach Bar, Wandering Eye Wednesday July 2015Wandering Eye Wednesday Horse at Pasture June 2015Wandering Eye Wednesday Bunny in ScottsdaleWandering Eye Wednesday Peacock Glendale AZ May 2015Wandering Eye Wednesday Forest TrinketsWandering Eye Wednesday Ducks May 2015Echo Park LA California
Wandering Eye Wednesday, Restoration Hardware Lanterns, Industrial Lighting, Elegant Rustic BirdcagesCattle Dog mix, Jones, Sleeping PuppyWandering Eye Wednesday Peacock Feather and Cloudy SkiesDowntown Phoenix Hard Lines Soft CloudsRoadrunner Park Feeding Ducks Phoenix ArizonaWagon Still LifeA Man and His Dog Arizona paintedposies.comMogollon Rim Yellow Sunset Wandering Eye WednesdayShooter at Sunset Mogollon Rim Arizona November 2014childhoodWandering Eye Wednesday Oktoberfest Rides October 2014
Wandering Eye Wednesday Detroit Lions Hat with Orange SunglassesWandering Eye Wednesday Jerome, Arizona Blown GlassMexican Ladder Rustlers RoostBarbed Wire Fence August 2014Phoenix Rainbow August 2014Baby Feet and Handswandering eye wednesday: week twenty-sevenOcean Beach Flower BedOcean Beach SucculentsFather & Son Tempe ImprovLake Havasu Nissan Z Moment
Park City Utah 2005Park City Utah 2005Las Vegas HotelThrough the Palms 2010Arizona Sahuaro 2010Dr Seuss FlowerSmallest Ice Crystals