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WEW: January 2017

Wandering Eye Wednesday Deem Hills

Hey there, fine people! How’s your week going so far? I’m just chugging along over here, trying to catch up from being on vacation and getting acclimated with the new year. I need to find my workout and healthy eating routine, along with patience for all things social media right now. So much hate in this world, and it kills me to see and feel all the fear, judgements and anger with our new political soup. I hope things start settling down on that realm soon. And that I get my butt in gear so I feel less out of shape! In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture for our Wandering Eye Wednesday post. *insert cheers and applause!*

So, you may have caught on in this prior post that I’m not sure what to do with our weekly column here on the blog. I love it, but it doesn’t seem real popular – and that’s totes OK. (Also, BTW I just used the word “totes” so that’s new…) But I do love sharing random photos with you, and their editing details. I’m just not sure it’s worthy of a weekly showcase if people aren’t into it, you know?

With that said, for the time being I’ll be doing a monthly Wandering Eye Wednesday post instead of trying to keep up with the previous weekly routine. Which I sucked at last year, if you were keeping track. However, if you feel this is ridiculous, perfect or whatever, please speak up!

Wandering Eye Wednesday: January 2017

IN the meantime, the photo above is this month’s submission to Wandering Eye Wednesday. I took Jones on a hike up to our favorite trail at the beginning of the month and snapped this shot of a lone tree on the top of the mountain. I loved the way the clouds were illuminating the focal point. I shot this with my iPhone and edited in PSE for exposure, bringing out the mid-tones while preserving the shadows and highlights surrounding the peak. I cropped the picture and added a watermark.

I plan to do a monthly showcase of my favorite photos, so I’m starting slow. (alright, alright, if you really wanna know, this month has been all about my actual J-O-B that includes photography and social media and so I haven’t taken many off-hours photos. sheesh.) I do intend to share more than one photo each month from here on out, and see where that takes us.

If you have ideas, or like a format from the past, again: I implore you to please say something! I am totally open to constructive feedback and input. Want to see before and afters or a weekly photo? Just tell me! Love the new idea? Sweet! Hate the Wandering Eye Wednesday posts? That works, too! Have other ideas? Please, DO TELL! Nobody has said a damn thing yet and I’m serious, if you don’t spit ‘er out now you can gag on it forever. =P

xoxo, amy

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  • Ray

    I like the monthly post idea. I believe it will be easier to tailor note worthy experiences monthly rather than weekly. Please keep it going as I suspect there are many who read your posts but do not engage. Some of us just like to watch!ReplyCancel

  • azamyw

    Thanks, Ray! I bet you’re right. I appreciate the feedback 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Dylan

    I think you nailed it when you said you need patience for all things social media right now. I think that’s why I am here on Painted Posies. If I had it my way, most Facebook posts would look like your posts here; a place catch up with the lives friends and loved ones versus everything else. There are plenty of outlets for everything else. You know, in my business we are always talking self-care: exercise, nature, meditation, mindfulness, journaling (apparently not a word!?). Anyway, I thought that your post may be a form of self-care for you and in that sense makes little difference if it is popular or not. I also agree with Ray, that most may read but not engage because it’s a nice escape from everything else right now. Lastly, I think you have been to many cool places recently evidenced by using the word “totes.” The west is the best baby! With your eye for photography I welcome the pics from San Francisco, the Mogollon Rim, Ocean Beach, Seattle, and LA coming up!!! Along with the beautiful pictures closer to home it seems you have plenty of material that is engaging to others.ReplyCancel

    • azamyw

      Thank you, Dylan! I appreciate the input and it means a lot that you’re following along here 🙂 I’m glad Painted Posies can be a positive place for people to come and get away from the rest of the online chatter 🙂 ReplyCancel