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WEW March 2017

You guys. Oy. I hope you’re having yourself a great March and that good weather has finally arrived for you! Around here, the weather is warm and work has been bananas! While I’m loving all the creativity going on there, it’s completely and totally mentally exhausting. Hence the lack of presence around here, right? I didn’t want to miss a Wandering Eye Wednesday for March, though, so I hope you’ll forgive my lack of originality and blatant self-promotion for this month’s installment? Pretty please?

Just plowing forward with that thought here: I did a couple photo shoots earlier in the month, and really loved the pictures I got! Here are my favorites:

21 Month Old Photo Shoot paintedposies.com3 Month Old Photo Shoot

Now, now, I know these aren’t exactly the usual “minimally edited” photos I post for WEW, but my brain is mush, remember? Besides – I do like that these photos are minimally set-up. Yeah, I know it’s a stretch…

At any rate, the first photo was not set up like, AT ALL. I was quite literally chasing little miss around her apartment complex, playing with her/trying to keep her in one place. I love, love, love that you can see her attitude in the saunter she walks away with. Such a simple photo that made a big impact.

In the second shot, I took photos with baby propped up on a donut-shaped Boppy pillow covered with a blanket and placed in the entry of her family’s home. I did get a few fun expressions, but also really appreciate a straight face with infants – it’s more rare than you’d think at three months! Shooting in black and white makes her gorgeous eyes pop, and keeps her skin creamy.

azamyw on Instagram

When I’m not lying comatose on the couch after work, I do happen to catch some energy for photos when we squeeze in a hike or look around the house. Thank goodness for camera phones, seriously. You can check them out on my Instagram page. (See? Shameless self promotion! HA!)

Thanks for tuning in for WEW March 2017 edition! Here’s to hoping I get my creative mojo and energy back soon!

xoxo, amy


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