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why I blog: the follow-up


Hey guys! How was your weekend? We had a nice, relaxing one finally. It was so lovely!

If you aren’t up to speed on the gist of why I blog, check out this post. I have to say, I’m so confounded by people who don’t enjoy reading! I.must.consume.all.the.words. I grew up reading books, then magazines as a teenager. I read cereal boxes, junk mail, toilet paper packaging. Don’t judge. Anything that crossed my path, I read. I continue to do so, and I honestly don’t know why. What can be gained from reading everything I encounter? On the flip side I suppose, what’s there to lose?

Before I knew it, the digital word took over. I found myself reading an endless stream of blogs that gave me all the material I craved – and then some. And since my phone could go anywhere I went, there was no need for reading all the words on every piece of everything. So many voices to discover! Some I couldn’t stop exploring. I wanted to absorb ALL of the cool writing I encountered! I liked the idea of throwing my thoughts out there, and if they were valuable to someone else, than even better. If not, eh. I found a platform to express myself through writing, my pictures and sharing my craft projects, garden, life. Blogging became a way for me to release the thoughts from my head, and keep a journal of all that I was doing along the way.

I’ve been blogging for three years now. I don’t have a ton of “followers,” I’m not sponsored, and I don’t cater to any specific outline. Nor do I aspire to. This blog is about what’s in my head, and over time that’s evolved.  Because I’ve grown through my experiences and time on this earth and I’ve come a long freaking way in three years. While I’ve taken classes to become a “better” blogger, I do this place for ME and I truly appreciate those who subscribe to my journey here for the hell of it. Maybe I actually AM entertaining people somehow. Maybe better than toilet paper packaging does? Thanks for the support, people.

All that being said. I felt the need to share some of the inspiration I’ve stumbled upon along the way. Especially since most recently I didn’t want to write. I found a blog that had so much humor, spoke to me in such a way, I literally itched to get back into it! This is why I read, probably. I need that steady flow of inspiration. SO. Here’s my short list of the blogs I frequent, since they’ve earned some love and attention. picture

First and foremost, the blog that got me out of my funk: Grumbles and Grunts (which, BTW is now defunct. Go figure. There was A LOT of baby stuff crammed in the middle, but her writing and style had me laughing more often than not. Oh! She swears. A lot. In case you’re sensitive to that). These all sway on the feminine side – sorry guys!

  1. Cup of Jo every.morning.
  2. Hey Natalie Jean she hasn’t written in a while, but I still check back dutifully every day. Start from the beginning, she was funner in her pre-IwantababysobadIcantasteit days…
  3. DIY Diva slow to load but worth it
  4. Oh Joy! just fun, bright and lovely
  5. Decor8blog the one that lit the fire for designing my blog
  6. Leanne Cole Photography one of THE most talented landscape photographers
  7. Emily Henderson was one of my favorite HGTV designers, and I love the way she writes
  8. Scruffy Dog Photography is THE BEST pet photographer
  9. Daily Dog Tag writes about adorable dog stories from all over the place – and I took a blog class with this sweet blogger so I’m partial
  10. Janey In Mersin lives in Turkey and is hysterical in her perspective on life there

This is a short, short list of my most frequented blogs. I follow so many! But a good representation of the photography, style and writing that I fall in love with again and again. These blogs inspired me to start my own and keep it going. Especially when times were tough. I hope you find something entertaining in my list! Please share your favorite blogs – I’m always looking for reading material!

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