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Apparently I have a thing for wreaths.  I didn’t realize it until I looked through my Pinterest boards and saw that I have quite a collection going on there.  I should have known, since my craft business was pretty heavy on the wreaths, and those were my most popular item.  I recently did a post with a spring hat wreath, and I’ve made wreaths as gifts for years.  Too bad I haven’t been taking pictures, huh? Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest, and I’ll be adding my own Mother’s day wreath soon!

Plate Wreath

I also have a thing for silver plates… wouldn’t this be so pretty on an outside wall?

Rake Wreath

Speaking of outside, look how pretty this rake wreath is! (Say that five times fast!)

Birds Nest Wreath

How cute is this? I love the 3-D effect, and Spring is my favorite season, so…

Spring Paper Wreath

Another beautiful Spring wreath, on the cheap!

Summer Hi Wreath

And for Summer, just to say “hi!”

Fall Ball Wreath

A fall ball wreath–I do believe this will be a part of our 2013 Pumpkin Party!

Winter Ball Wreath

Wouldn’t this be SO cute for winter??

To check out my Wreaths! board on Pinterest, just click here! Theres lots more inspiration to be found there…


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