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Hey guys! Happy Friday to you! It’s been a busy week, and I wasn’t really inspired by much of my incessant reading, so no cool link list for you! Super sad face, I know! One of the things I did happen to accomplish was to update my portfolio. What’s that, you say? Why yes, yes I do have a portfolio, with some examples of the family and child photography I’ve done. You should definitely check ‘er out, there’s some adorable kiddos in there. Here are the recent additions, because they are some of my absolute favorites:

Portfolio paintedposies.comPortfolio paintedposies.comPortfolio paintedposies.comPortfolio

I mean, how can you complain about my lack of blogging all week when I just threw these cutie pies at you?!? I do hope you’ll check out my portfolio and dontact me to book your next Phoenix area photo shoot. You can find the link and contact page along the top of my site, labeled “Portfolio” – super witty, I know! Or, heck, just click here!

Shameless plugging aside, though, I do want to know some things about your photo habits. For instance, do you get an annual photo done? What time of year do you do it? Do you go to a studio or on location? And if you’re the photographer, how do you get any pictures of yourself? Inquiring minds (well, at least MY inquiring mind) want to know!
Please shoot me a comment with your answer. And have yourself a lovely weekend, OK?

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