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WEW 30-31/3

Another Wednesday! And another Wandering Eye Wednesday! How lucky are we? With so much chaos in the world, it’s always a good thing when you find yourself eyes wide open and full of life on yet another day, amIright? And what a long day for me – with a “welcome home” to a bit of chaos. We started renovating our kitchen this week, and the last two days were big demo days, so it’s nice retreating to a familiar space that isn’t ripped apart so I can share some pretty photos with you!

Drive to Stonehenge UK Wandering Eye Wednesday paintedposies.comDrive to Stonehenge Countryside Wandering Eye Wednesday

Wandering Eye Wednesday | week 30-31 | year three

This weeks Wandering Eye Wednesday comes from my visit to Europe last year, around this time. I’m especially nostalgic because I remember planning my dream trip, and boy do I miss that space in my life! I’m so grateful and happy it happened, but sad that it’s over and especially knowing it’ll be a while before we can enjoy that sort of vacation again.

These pictures are so special to me! I dreamed all my life of going to Stonehenge, and these were taken on the drive from London. Through the window of a tour bus no less… I didn’t think they were worthwhile, but it’s funny how different things can look when you take a break and go back to them later! The countryside of England is what storybooks are made of, and I will forever cherish all the pictures and notes that I took while I was there.

Feeling a little lazy, I just hit “Auto Smart Fix” on both in PSE, and erased some window glare in the top one… Is that bad? Please don’t judge 😉 I know I’ve been slacking on my Wandering Eye Wednesday posts this year, and I’m truly sorry for it. I’m really working on getting back to a more consistent schedule, and I appreciate everyone who stops by and supports me! xoxox

PS. Kitchen renovation details coming your way soon, I promise!

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