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staying cool in the desert summer with body zone swim

Is it hot where you live? In Phoenix, the heat’s unbearable right now. I think I’ve mentioned before how miserable our summers get here, and since we aren’t going on our annual Ocean Beach getaway, this summer seems especially scorching without the promise of the west coast’s relief. Luckily, we’ve learned lotsa ways of staying cool in the desert summer. I’m sharing some of our favorites courtesy of BodyZone Swimwear. They were kind enough to gift me a few pieces from their gorgeous new bathing suit line after I gushed about their cuts, styles and designs. Before we get into that, though, some tried-and-true methods of surviving the summer heat.

staying cool in the desert summer: Top Five

David Lezcano for Unsplash Staying Cool in the Desert Summer

First: Otter Pops

I’m serious! I know it sounds childish and silly, but that husband guy of mine works outside all year long, even when it reaches into 110+ degree heat. I asked him how I could help him bear the temps this summer, and he responded with Otter Pops. While they aren’t my thing, I see how a frozen flavored ice pop could seriously cool down a core body temperature.

Second: Wet Towels

When I was doing the Summit Challenge a couple years back, I had to train in the dead of summer to prepare. Hiking in the desert summer is nothing to fool around with. Emergency crews evacuate ill-prepared hikers off of mountaintops on the daily due to the brutal conditions. I’m guilty of naivety myself: on one conditioning trip early in the summer, I didn’t bring enough water/didn’t expect the mountain to be so tough/may have been dehydrated to begin with.

My hiking partner encouraged me to sit in the shade of a mesquite tree to collect myself, when a passerby noticed my weary posture and beet-red face. She emphatically offered me a wet strip of t-shirt for my neck and I couldn’t even begin to protest. Nothing ever felt better. From then on, I shredded old t’s, soaked them in water, then froze them overnight before any desert summer hike. They were a welcome relief when I got overheated, and definitely gave me something to look forward to the first half of the hike.

Third: Air Conditioning.

Obviously, human life in the desert is only sustainable with a/c everywhere you go. Swamp coolers were a quick invention in the early days of desert settlers. No joke, I’ve seen them. Crude and bulky, they did the job that air conditioners’s do now. I don’t know of any place here that isn’t equipped with an A/C. Hell, some places still use the trusty ‘ol swamp cooler!

Fourth: Remote Start.

Two words: LIFE SAVER. Not everyone has their car set up with a remote start, but I recently got one and there’s no going back. Even if someone doesn’t have remote start, it’s pretty common to start the car and crank the a/c before settling in for a trip. Did you know that temperatures in cars get to almost 200 degrees in the summer sun in Phoenix? Joe legit cooks food on his dashboard at work. And no, I’m not making that up. Driving in the desert summer could be it’s own blog post, but for now, I’m just saying: remote start.

Fifth: Swimming Pools, lakes, trips to the beach and the hose.

Aaaaaaand this is where my cool new swim suit comes in! We don’t have a pool, but know lots of people who do. Even when we aren’t escaping the desert summer with a trip to the beach, we are swimming, like, A LOT. I have no less than five bathing suits at any given time, and I’m always adding to my collection and retiring older pairs. I know lots of people who have more than one suit. They’re economical, last a long time and they’re the perfect accessory for a tank top or pair of cutoffs. Just saying…Pina Party BodyZone Swim Staying Cool in the Desert SummerLip Service BodyZone Swim Staying Cool in the Desert SummerO.M.G. BodyZone Swim Staying Cool in the Desert Summer

The BodyZone Swim website offers a B.Y.O.B option where you build your own bikini by picking your top and then picking your bottom for one price. I got the Sport Halter and Racer Top styles in the “Lip Service” print with contrasting Full Back Bikini Bottoms in the deep pink color. I’m super pleased with the fit (true-to-size), design and quality. I’ve worn the halter style already, and it’s really flattering with the mesh center piece, without being too revealing. The bottoms are something to be experienced. Coverage AND sexiness. The bottoms are my absolute favorite.

They offer super cute one-pieces, too! And can we talk about how pretty their photos are? <3 <3

Hippie Chick BodyZone Swim Staying Cool in the Desert SummerAll The Flowers BodyZone Swim Staying Cool in the Desert Summer

Huge shout out to BodyZone Swimwear for the awesomely cute and high-quality swimsuit, and for inspiring me to write in this space again. Check out BodyZone’s full line here. Hope to share with you all again soon!

xoxo, amy

Photo Credits: top photo by David Lezcano for Unsplash, swimwear photos by Deny Diaz.

**although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own**

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